Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I aint sceeeered

"Hey, check out CNN, those little toys you gave us are poisonous." That was how our Sunday morning began. A 8:00 a.m. distress phone call.

So naturally our curiosity was peaked. Of course, our children each owned a Zhu Zhu pet and we had given some as gifts to friends and family. We needed to see what this was all about. We read the article and basically felt that what was written by Good Guide regarding the pets containing a deadly metal called antimony was not enough to make me throw it out. Not yet. I decided to Wait it out, hear both sides of the story BEFORE formulating my oppinion. Therefore I can make an Informed decision as to what to do with Mr. Squiggles.

As it turned out, the toxicity accusations were false. Mr. Squiggles is completely safe. The U.S. Toy Industry criticised Good Guide for their reliance on XRF readings. Obviously there is a more complex procedure to follow in order to make an accurate conclusion. I was pleased to read the statement released by Cepia LLC regarding the beloved Zhu Zhu pets: " Our products not only meet but exceed all safety testing...we are a family owned business and always test to the most rigorous standards."

With that said, parents should rest a little easier knowing that Mr. Squiggles, Pipsqueak,NumNum, Chunk & Patches are not really disease carrying rodents. They are still the cute, cuddly motorized pets that children adore and parents like better than a REAL hampster. Currently, in stores there is even more variety, because four new pets have been released. Check your local Walmart or other retail store for the newest additions: Winkie, Jitty, Nuggut and Scoodles. Each one with it's own Bio.

So let this be a lesson, Dont jump on the bandwagon without all the facts. I have a feeling that plenty of good pets were thrown in the dumpster that Sunday morning...destroyed without even having a fair trial.

For more information go to www.zhuzhupets.com

*As a promoton for the new toys several months ago, I was provided with the pets to share with family and firends. However, the statements made in this post are srictly my own non-biased oppinion*

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