Monday, December 7, 2009

Moms of Hue, an awesome collaboration

Often times as a woman of color, when surfing the web or reading blogs I come across topics that are thought provoking and heart stirring. Although well written it is not always written from the view of women like me. Although women in general share a certain commonality, one cannot deny the differences, viewpoints and oppinions shared by the various groups of women.

As an african american woman I face challenges in marriage, parenting, & education among others that are not the same as all of my professional or personal peers. Which is why I am happy to know that there is a new blogsite being launched today which focuses on the issues that matter the most to me. Discussed in a way that is most familiar to me.

Moms of Hue is a collaborated site created by Renee J. Ross of and Kristina of . These ladies are mothers, wives and entrepreneurs using their voices and skills to make a difference for all women of color. Please stop by the new site today, as today is it's official launch. Follow them on twitter @momsofhue and get invovled with their twitter party to celebrate their offical site launch. Prizes will be given away, so come on and join in the fun!

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