Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Keep it moving people, theres nothing to see.

Picture this; you're in a local super store shopping with your husband and new baby. Little baby is beginning to get a little agitated, a little bit squirmy. Soon it turns into full blown frustration and screaming. Realizing it's nursing time, there is no seating for a nursing mother in the restrooms and you are not about to run through the store and parking lot to sit in the car. With no other options you DISCREETLY place the infant to your breast to satisfy it's hunger.

That should be the end of it right? Well this how things began in a Harper Woods, Detroit area Target. However it wasn't a nice ending. Mary Martinez and her husband Jose was told to leave the store by security because the act of breastfeading was against the law. Jose , who is a Detroit police officer refuted this allegation but it was not enough. The couple were escorted out of the store by the Police.

What a shame! Breastfeeding is one of the most natural acts of love and care beween a mother and her infant. Who should think it a crime? I have been in that womans shoes, it is not easy. I breastfed both of my babies. Sometimes not in the most desirous places, But I did what was very necessary, DISCREETLY of course. Is a mother to be blamed or even punished because there are not enough facilities created in public restrooms that cater to mothers. Trust me, No One wants to stand up nursing a crying baby in an aisle. But it sure beats standing in a stinky bathroom with no where to sit besides a germ infested toilet. Yuck!

Breastfeeding is not nasty, or pornographic and people should not feel as though they have to "protect" themselves. Come on people! There are more important things to "protect" ourselves and children from. So, if you happen to go down the aisle and see a woman nursing DISCREETLY, don't be disgusted. Show respect, turn your head and have empathy. She's doing what she has to do for her child. There are parents doing far worse things to their children in stores. Report a real crime...Breastfeeding isn't one of them.

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  1. Amen! Why is so much energy wasted on fighting against things that are inherently good? It saddens me to hear these stories.