Thursday, July 16, 2009

The soundtrack of our love

Do you remember the song you heard when you first fell in love? Or the song that was playing when you went out on that special first date? I do, and it seems like lately I've been hearing "our songs" alot.

It just strikes at a totally unexpected time, I'm in my car minding my own business and bing! I hear it, and in comes the warm and fuzzies like a flood. Then the butterflies start up right on Que, just like it was yesterday. My mind takes me back through 18 years when I was just a senior in highschool...Wow! Oh the fun times, the joy of feeling like nothing else even mattered but he and I. The late night phone calls only to hang up and call each other again as soon as we woke. Finding any and every excuse to be together and sometimes it felt like even that wasn't enough. I know, sickening right? Hehehehe.

Well, recently after going down memory lane musically, I thought to myself "what would the soundtrack of our happiest moments be like?" From that thought came a play list that I created based on the songs that I thought my hubby and I shared a common sentiment about.

Wanna hear it? Here it go:
Creating the soundtrack of your love is very romantic, and is a great way to "stir it up" with your #1. I've shown you my soundtrack of love, what songs would you add to your own soundtrack?

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