Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eat your Spinach

I really enjoy a good meal, especially one that I have made on my own. I love to collect recipes, and recipe books. I love it even more when I have a good recipe that gets my daughter to eat her veggies.

This morning I made a simple breakfast that consisted of Feta cheese, eggs, fresh spinach, fresh tomatoes, and onions. It is not my original recipe, but I love it just the same. It provides a little bit of everything (protein, dairy, vegetables). I am still on my vegetarian voyage, and so this was right up my alley, my daughter "hates anything green" but with a little prodding from me even she ate this dish. The verdict? Luvs it! She even asked for seconds. I think I found a winner here.

The dish is easy to make:
2 eggs
diced onions, the amount is up to personal taste. ( i love lots of onions)
a hand full of fresh spinach, cut or whole pieces
dice a quarter of a tomato
two table spoons of Low fat Feta
*Double the ingredients for more servings*
Pour into a heated pan, lightly oiled with olive oil and scramble. Serve hot and enjoy.
* be creative, add mushrooms, sprouts, red, green, yellow peppers and even add a side of baked or grilled salmon.*

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