Tuesday, March 1, 2011

May I please? - giving and understanding permission at the Brownie Monologues

You ever have those nights with your girlfriends or even by yourself where the order of the night is a big pan of brownies and some seriously insightful conversation? And as the night progresses the discussion and the brownies get better with every.single.bite, and you walk away feeling ever so full, nurtured and satisfied?

Well that is what the Brownie Monologues were all about. Well, sort of...it WAS all that I mentioned except there was some testosterone in the building. Whaaaat?Yeah, I brought a MAN. I brought my honey with me because I was trying to kill two birds with one stone. You know... have a little date night too. **giggle giggle, at least HE was enlightened*

Anyway, as the night progressed and each woman shared her challenges and how or why she wanted to change something in her life I found a little bit of myself in her too. It made me so very aware, yet again that my challenges are not completely unique. As women (and some men), we each share a similar story within our own individual stories. The stories told, ranged from self image to maternal imagery and reflection, people pleasing & guilt to entrepreneurship and more. Not only were these discussed but some resolves & solutions were exchanged. I loved it! They were shining their light and I was reflecting it.

One thought organically became the theme for the evening. Giving ourselves permission. I thought that to be powerful. Because, sometimes I didn't realize how much pressure it relieves me in my everyday living and beyond when I gave myself permission to say yes or say no or to let go to something or someone. And as many of us in the room realized, there is so much more happiness and joy within our mind, body and spirit when we give permission. For me it is not permission to bounce wherever with whoever without regard or focus. But permission with balance, clarity, love & intent.

This was the inaugural Brownie Monologues and so they promised there will be more. Even better, they encouraged us to continue, if we have not already been doing so, to create our own Monologues. It's good for the soul, it can only mean a better YOU, a better ME. So now we have PERMISSION ....where are the brownies?

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  1. Thank you for sharing both at the event and here, Sandra! I thought is was SO powerful how many of us basically told the same story (#connected), and also I loved that there were men present because getting their feedback (my hubs was the da buildin' too - lol!) really helped Shelley and me to realize that this isn't just about women, it really about minds and souls, period!!

    We're doing the next one in NY in April, but Atlanta will stay on the list of must-serve cities for sure!!