Monday, March 28, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

It's so beautiful how children come into this world, all cute and cuddly. Completely edible, that we just cannot seem to get enough of their cuteness. We hug & kiss them constantly, tickle them and make funny faces just to see them laugh joyfully. Watch them sleep in the crib as we imagined who they will become in the upcoming years. I practically inhaled my children in the early days...

Fast forward to the adolescent and tween years and the picture may not always be so glorious. I've gotten past the glory days and unbeknown to myself, my children could feel it too. Imagine my surprise when my daughter commented: "mommy, how come when you are talking with your friends you laugh alot, and you laugh really hard. But when you listen to one of our jokes or stories you only chuckle or smile? " Son on the sidelines co-signing :"Yep!" Hmmm, REALLY? I only chuckle? I thought about it and realized she had a really good observation going. How could I even deny it? Not that I could anyway, my children have the ability to present their case to the judge and jury astoundingly, right along with the best lawyers of defense.

So my children came up with a plan, an intervention if you will to make me laugh really hard with them. They double teamed me and tickled until I begged for mercy! It was all so simple yet completely effective, I laughed so heartily that I cried. The looks on their faces and the joyous laughter coming from there bellies was priceless.

Lessons to be learned: 1)The glory days are not always gone, we simply just have to be active to reach back to bring them back up. 2)Laughter is very good for the heart of all that partake.

*Image used from My blue muse

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