Monday, March 21, 2011

Consequences, rewards and getting it done.

This is what I WAS going to post a couple of weeks ago :

" I decided I'm going on strike. Yep I am proposing a strike on cleaning. Well , sort of. *sigh* I'm not going to completely give up and let it go but i just feel the need to rebel in some way. I mean if everyone else in the house can take a firm stand against cleanliness and order, then why can't I ?

I'm just saying, if the MISTER & the kids can take off their shoes in the kitchen, leave the laundry unfolded in the living room, forget to wipe the toothpaste off the sink then..."

However, after having a very enlightening conversation with a fellow hard working, multi-tasking, still keeping it flly mama, I decided to make some adjustments in my attitude and save my sanity.

How? Well just by giving out a true dose of reality, and a little tough love, with the kiddies at least. The hubby? Thats a whole other situation! CLICK HERE to see what I mean.

I am on a hectic schedule, and as the family grows so does the mess. I was trying to do my part but also found myself doing THEIRS or nothing at all. The house and I was suffering. Anyway, I realized that all i needed to do was set out the plan and expectation along with consequences and rewards, then let them do the rest. Setting up a schedule and creating lists is not a new concept to me. In fact I was raised with notes and schedules attached to the fridge. I have written them out myself over the years. However, writing them down and distribution means nothing if not taken seriously. So, I.GOT.SERIOUS. !

Consequences are in full effect, and because I'm such a loving mom :) I also gave rewards and a point system. What I am asking of them is being accomplished and not blown off. Now of course, they had to TRY A SISTA but I commenced to regulating and they got the point. "Homie don't play 'dat!"

Yeah, all is well in the Hicks family again, more importantly it's cleaner.
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  1. You go Mama! I totally agree, sometimes we just have to put our fashionably heeled foot down :) Be blessed!