Monday, October 18, 2010

A positive step for media: I Love My Hair!

Currently, the Internet is viral with the Sesame Street video "I Love My Hair". When I finally got the chance to see it, my heart was elated. I felt elated because it showed growth on the part of the show. I've always loved Sesame Street, still do. In fact I may occasionally sit down and watch it even now. Of course The show has always had a broad range of people on the show represented, but this hair video just takes it a step further.

I wish when I was growing up that there was more positive media being put out regarding the image of black women. I feel had I seen more of it, I may not have struggled as much as I did with self image growing up. Oh well, it's all water under the bridge now. The most important thing to focus on is that the times have changed and the media is moving forward positively. I was so happy to be able to share this video with my daughter. She has been wearing her natural hair in dreadlocs for 3 years now and how she views herself although being different from her classmates and neighbors is important to me.

I know she nor I are defined by our hair, however the truth of the matter is that when you feel good about what you have on your head your whole self image is improved. Regardless of the hair type, it should be embraced and loved. All girls (and boys) of all races have issues with this at some time or the other in life. Often times though, our little brown ones struggle with it a little more than others. So Kudos to Sesame Street for giving me something else to aid my little girl in loving her natural self.

If you've not seen the video, check it out:

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