Saturday, October 30, 2010

My New Obsession

Leggings are my new obsession! I Haven't worn them since high school, but I can clearly remember my first pair in 1985. Going on a little shopping trip with my friends, riding on the Marta Bus heading to the Underground Atlanta. I was looking for something cool to wear the following week to school, this was a big deal for me. Number one, I was riding on the bus heading DOWNTOWN with my friends ALONE and Secondly, my mother was allowing me to shop for MYSELF. What?! You couldn't tell me nothin' honey!
We casually perused Peachtree street, window shopping. All along, laughing and joking at the interesting activities going on that busy and sunny Saturday afternoon. We finally stopped and eagerly went inside of Lerner's and began looking for outfits, sure that we would find our fashion treasure. I felt so grown up trying on my clothes and awaiting the thumbs up from my girlfriends. Anything was better than Mommy telling me what to wear, and what was "in style".
Any way, I eventually came across my prize. A pair of white leggings with the stirrups and pin pleats down the front . Oh! they were so pretty to me. I thought I looked great. The perfect color ( I was going to wear every color shirt I had with it) and the perfect fit, I was a budding young lady who was just on the brink of puberty and wanted to show what little bit of shape I THOUGHT I had.

Yeah, that was then....

Fast forward 25 years later, I would not be caught dead in a pair of leggings. I thought they were for every other girl except me. Well, almost every girl. there have been a few that might have needed to leave those leggings on the rack! But anyway, I digress. I just did not feel comfortable in my own skin to wear something so close fitting to my body, although at this point I got a lot more shape to show than my early puberty years.

Well something crazy came over me and I bought not one but two pairs of leggings! Oh yeah, I was stepping out of my zone....and I liked it! Not because I been working out like crazy, and have this super toned body. Not because I am at the weight and size that I want to be right now. I bought them, just because the time was right. I. am. comfortable. with. ME.

So now, I am obsessed with leggings. I notice them everywhere I go on everybody I see. I notice them all and imagine myself rocking it out in them. I'm on a mission so maybe I'll get them in Purple...

In Gray...
Maybe Brown.... ( I look good in brown)
This would make me look like a really Hot Momma!

Like I said....I'm obsessed

*all photo credits go to Victoria's Secret*


  1. Love it!! And they look fabu on u too hunee!! U shoulda put up the pic of u with the gray ones on from the BET awards gifting suite! They were HOTT!

  2. I like leggings too but since I lack a sense of style I am having a hard time makingoutfits out of them. But I am gonna keep trying.