Monday, October 11, 2010

Domestic Violence Awareness Month: "No longer a SECRET"

I find it interesting that in today's society people can find any and every reason to celebrate, bring awareness to or have a holiday from work or school. It can range from the silliest thing to a very serious thing. With that being said, there are some people who like to "celebrate" and acknowledge it all. Me? Well, I tend to be a little more selective in my celebrations and acknowledgement's.

I was aware of Breast Cancer Awareness being promoted during the month of October, and I am in support of that movement. However, imagine my surprise when I learned that it was National Domestic Violence month too.
I took it upon myself to investigate this info and I was pleasantly surprised to know that on September 22, 2010 President Obama made it official by signing a Proclamation.

This does my heart good to know that more light is being shed on this very sensitive matter. It is vital that voices are heard. More women and children than we are aware of suffer the ill physical and emotional effects of domestic violence. I speak on this subject from personal experience. Coming from a family both immediate and extended where this is/was common place I have seen, heard and experienced more than I care to openly admit. Trust stays with you. A child never forgets their recollections of witnessing or experiencing abuse first hand. Ultimately the physical child grows up and learns to cope, but it is the inner child that always carries the burden.

I feel fortunate that I had other positive forces in my life to help me counteract such negativity so that I was able to break the familial cycle, and I pray that neither of my children find themselves in it. However, not so many children and adults can say the same. Hopefully the more this is spoken of and against, the less of a problem it will be. It starts with early education, support, honesty and communication. Setting aside the month of October to speak about it is a great start, but it shouldn't end after 31 days.

My stance on holidays & celebrations remain the same, The Day is a great reminder but the practice should be done everyday of the year. My theory holds true to speaking on Domestic Violence as well. #SPEAKUP

If you have a couple of more minutes to spare, please view this video with some insightful facts from the White house website and share it with others...

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