Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Precious Moments, a perfectly sweet gift giveaway

I remember the first time I knew that I was pregnant. It was such an overwhelmingly emotional feeling of joy and love all rolled into one. I can remember waiting impatiently until my my 1st trimester was over so that I could begin to buy cute little baby things. Every week I was searching the racks of my favorite stores for anything that I thought would look adorable on my new baby and in his nursery.

For me it was a very big deal to have my baby's room all decked out. It had to be color coordinated with the colors of my choice and everything placed in perfect array. Once it was completed (6 weeks before his birth) I would check the room constantly, imagining my baby laying in his room in royal fashion. ( don't laugh, you know you did it too!)

This past weekend my brother and his girlfriend was given a baby shower by her family. They received such wonderful gifts, all the things that my little princess niece could need. Among the gifts that she received was a Precious Moments 3 piece bedding set. **insert the oohhs and aahhs here** Of course I'm making such a big deal because that was the gift I brought. ;-). I think it will be a precious addition (pun intended) to the decor of the new baby's nursery.

Precious Moments began as a faith inspired artwork over thirty years ago and is still going strong. Recently the company has branched out and opened it's new online Precious Moments Boutique . This is a great online destination for anyone who is a fan of the Precious Moments product. From figurines, to clothing, to bedding and even home and garden! You will find what you want. I know I was impressed by the company when I learned as much as I did from their site. Not only does the creators of PM design all of the afore mentioned things but they even have a park! Don't take my word for it, go to the site to see for yourself all that this product line has to offer.

And if you really have time on your hands you can watch this brief 5 minute video on how the Precious Moments figurines are made.....I thought it was interesting.

And now here is the sweet deal: would you like to win the Precious Moments bedding set for your new baby or as a gift for someone else? Well all you have to do is 1) leave a comment telling me who you want this set for and 2) put out this tweet : "I just entered a Precious Moments giveaway by @hicksgirl93 at www.sandrahicks.blogspot.com"

The contest will end by midnight on 9/18. Wish you the best!

*No money was provided for this blogpost. However the gift item was given in exchange and is provided for the purpose of the contest and promotion*

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  1. 1) I want this set for my friend who just had a baby. 2) http://twitter.com/forsurveysonly/status/24460043162 is the link to my tweet @forsurveysonly

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