Friday, September 10, 2010

Operation Code: Blogalicious in full effect

Ever want something really bad, you plan for it, think your gonna get it and then *WHOOPS* something happens to take it all away?

Well join the club! That's how I felt when I was making my plans for Blogalicious10 in Miami Florida for next month. I've been super psyched about going, but then I decided to embark upon some new schooling, to expand my profession. Of course school for adults ain't free, so I am having to sacrifice my money for purchasing a ticket to Blogalicious for my monthly school tuition. It was a tough decision, but I had to do it (trying to be a responsible adult). I know I made a good choice, and I realize that my $$'s can only stretch but so far but....".I wanna go sooooo baaaad" *insert really high pitch whiney voice here*

So when I heard about the contest to WIN a ticket to Blogalicious I was all over it like white on rice! I need that ticket, I need to be Miami, I.NEED.TO.WIN

Do you need a ticket too? Well you can enter the contest with Little Tech girl , but I'm gonna go ahead and claim it...."I GOT THIS!* ;)


  1. Good luck!!! Be sure to share the pics after you win!

  2. U got it in the bag sis! LOL We WILL be in Miami. Hook or Crook. LMAO!