Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keep on moving, don't stop like the hands of time !: Track one in the soundtrack of my life

It's our time
time today
the right time is here to stay

Stay in my life
my life always
yellow is the colour of sunrays
I hide myself from no one
I know the time will surely come... "

Those are part of the lyrics to the song by Soul II Soul and it is currently playing in my head.
It plays in my head at any given time during the 5 days that I am in school. I love it when I am there and I am excited by what I learn and am eager to apply it to the "real world" but It is hard for this woman to get there some days! I mean, the 6:40 am hour drive can be pretty daunting. And If I don't get my coffee? I'm jus' sayin' - IT'S AND AUTOMATIC SITUATION, lol!

But through it all I am realizing and learning more and more that I am not in this alone. As I am walking through the halls and working in treatment rooms I am finding myself in the company of some phenomenal women. I am hearing their stories listening in amazement as I study with women learning to reinvent themselves, triumphs over self hate and abuse, determination to start businesses and passions for helping others to make a transformation in mind body and spirit. Through the various interchanges of success and failures I drive home in heavy contemplation because I am encouraged and in awe. Some of my classmates are fresh out of high school, some already have degrees and licenses in other fields and you have ladies like me who have not had this length of schooling in 20 years. Either way, it all spells sacrifice.

With so much inner beauty surrounding me, I have to keep with the standard. Listen to track one and remember that my goal is not too far ahead. Four more months and counting. I think I can see the horizon a little bit clearer now...#winning


  1. This is moving, Sandra! I agree with you! There are so many examples of WomanShine around us, we've got to keep one foot in front of the other, and use their glow when it feels like it might get dark for us. You just glowed all up and through this post, and I appreciate that!!

    Catchin' a tan in your sunshine,

  2. Thank you for your appreciation Akilah! I keep on Moving!