Monday, April 18, 2011

The current soundtrack or playlist of my life- my top 8 in heavy rotation

I sort of chuckled to myself as I was writing the title because I wondered if using the term soundtrack was outdated. Kind of like talking about records and tapes instead of CD's, it's a new day and a new era. Oh well you know what I mean, Music!

Last week I posted about Track One on my mental soundtrack and why it was playing in my head through out the week. Well I decided to share a few more of the songs in my soundtrack. Go through my list and tell me if you feeling it too.

Current Soundtrack, er-uh, play list of my life
Track 1. Keep on moving *Soul II Soul
Track 2. All of the lights *Kanye West & friends
Track 3. In a sentimental mood (the Love Jones song, although beautiful long before the movie made it popular) *John Coltrane
Track 4. Encourage yourself *Donald Lawrence & the Tri-City Singers
Track 5. Smile *Kirk Franklin
Track 6. Three little birds *Bob Marley
Track 7. Moment for life *Nikki Minage
Track 8. Lose my mind! * Busta Rhymes

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