Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hello?...anybody out there?

Okay, I know I shouldn't say this but I cant help it. I'm just that girl who will have feelings and can't keep them to herself, I gotta get it out somehow or else I fear I may burst and you wouldn't want that to happen now would ya?

Here is my dilemma, I love to blog, it brings me joy and gives me a creative outlet. I am not overly shy so therefore I have no problem with sharing various aspects of my life on my blog and hearing the responses from my readers. However, let me let you in on a little secret...sometimes when I put up a new blog post and I get NO Comments I get anxious, a lil' bit nervous. I then wonder "is anyone even reading this thing? Like, Hellooo? knock, knock, knock anybody out there?". But I know it's being read, somebody is out there in the bloggasphere reading my words...somebody like YOU and YOU . I know this because I've noticed that each week I get more and more visitors to my site. (yay me!)Traffic is high, but no one is saying a word. Hmmmmmmm

I say that to lead into my newest revelation, the reason for this post...

A funny thing happened when I opened up my latest copy of the Oprah Magazine a few days ago. I noticed the article; The Praise Drug written by Martha Beck. She writes the column: Advice, etc. In light of my recent thoughts on my lack of comments, I was immediately drawn to the cover where it stated "Hooked On Praise? How to quit craving that constant approval" I was like "hmmmm, is this so?" Because I was Intrigued, I sought further understanding and delve right into the article. Let me tell you this article was quite enlightening, I felt as though I was being called out and at the same time relieved that I wasn't the only one with this "addiction." Basically Martha explained how many people are addicted to praise. Thriving off the adoration and esteem of others. She used the example of Sarah a powerful CEO who although successful much of what she did was to elicit positive attention from those around her, once she received that praise it was like a high and she wanted more and more of it. Upon not receiving it, it put her in a depressed state of mind.

Apparently This is a real condition and psychologist call it narcissistic supply...OMG. The article goes further to explain some of the variables in your background that can cause one to be at risk for this addiction and gives 3 signs that may indicate a Praise Addiction. Once you review the 3 signs, She gives four steps to recovery. She covered all the bases in the article, seriously. What an eye opener to what is an unhealthy way of living, thinking and even choosing friends! At the end of the article there is an option to take the "ARE YOU A PRAISE ADDICT?" QUIZ @ Of course I took the quiz, and I don't even need to tell you what my score was.... The evidence of my addiction is obvious in my blog post.

So, here it goes..."I'm the mommy and I am a Praise Addict". I'm working on becoming sober and staying clean. I'm on the road to recovery, really. I. am. But until I am completely cured, would ya mind leaving me a little comment? Just give me a lil' sumthin' to tide me over 'till my next post. **side point, if it's a nasty comment. You can keep those to yourself. Only positivity and encouraging thoughts allowed here**

If you don't, it's cool. I understand. I'll be alright. I view it kinda like tough love. But, I know your reading me and I'm learning to be okay with that... *smiles*


  1. I read that article and it seems as if I have the same affliction! LOL. Quite some time ago I wrote a post on "de-lurker day" to draw out all the stalkers... uh, I mean readers who don't comment. I'm feeling you, girl... I guess we need to form a support group.

  2. I like to read, but only comment if I feel I have something to say! I understand how you feel, but at the same time when it comes to my own blog, I rather have low comments then having no comments at all! LOL

  3. Helllooo I am out here and I am reading this thing. It was great meeting you the other day. Join me on

    I love for our kids to get together.


  4. Hey lady! The best way to get comments is to comment on other bloggers blogs. However, that is not a guarantee. As long as you know people are reading try not to let it bother you. As a matter of fact, many times there will be few comments because "regular folks" and not bloggers are reading.