Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tough Love?...nah, not really.

Yesterday I asked my 10 yr old to go outside to walk the dog. We were in the middle of doing our school work so I told him to make it quick and get right back inside. Well, I noticed he had been gone with his 7 yr old sister longer than a normal "make it quick" dog walking. But honestly, I didn't fret too much. I used it as an opportunity to get on my laptop and check a few things. Not long after I got on, here he comes running through the front door in the style of Napoleon Dynamite and screaming like a wild critter with his tail on fire! I try to remain calm and get him to tell me what happened. Well, he decided while walking the dog that it would be cool to ride on his ripstick as the dog ran beside him. Not only that but he wanted his sister to Run ahead of him as fast as she could so that our dog would chase her, thus pulling him on the ripstick....NOT a smart idea.

He had fallen and gotten a scrape about 2 inches wide and 2 inches long, just about down to the "white meat." Eeeeewwwww it looked bad! I went on to treat the wound. However, I was torn between completely overlooking his disobedience, focusing on the fact that he was safe and giving him a lecture about the fact that he was outside doing what he ought not to have been doing in the first place. The latter of which would lead me into very little sympathy. So what did I do? Okay, I couldn't help myself. I chose the latter. But I did it with love. I promise I did. I told him I was not going to cater to him just because he hurt himself (doing what he ought not).

Well, that should of been the end of that right? I mean I said what I had to say, I cleaned him up with fresh bandages, time to move on. WRONG! For the rest of the day, into the night and all today I've been catering to him. He can't walk, the pain is too bad. He can't sleep, the pain is too bad. He can't focus on school because of the pain and the itchy bandage. On and on and on it has been. I've tried all day to give him tough love...ya know, make him see the error of his ways. *wink*wink* but it looks to me like he's getting a whole lot of the love with very little tough.

Oh well, I tried. I guess I'm not the tough mommy I like to believe I am after all. You think he noticed? LOL!

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  1. Hi! Oh, the life of a mom. lol
    I came over from the SITS site. Cute blog. I love this story b/c it sounds oh so familiar! :)
    I am now following so i can stay tuned.
    I'll go check out your other blog now, too.
    If you are interested, check out my blog, too! :)