Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saying goodbye

when something has been apart of a persons life for as long as they can remember, seperation is not an easy matter. Feelings of anxiety, lonliness and fear are hard to overcome, often resulting in tears.
Today, I will be experiencing a seperation of my own. Today, I will be detached from something that is very much apart of uterus. Although we have been together fo 37 years, through thick and thin. Good times and bad, it is time to say goodbye. As I reminice over our time together I can recall the feelings of fear as It gave it's evidance of maturity at the ripe age of 13. Oh! the merciless and seemingly endless displays of affection that was shown to me by way of cramps, bloating and back ache. My uterus was so gracious and givng. Every month it would surprise me with an overflow that was beyond measure, often on days that I least expected..:(
The best gift I have recieved from it though, is it's ability to carry and nurture my two unborn children. For nine months it provided a warm and safe place for them to grow. Providng me with a gift beyond compare.
So as one can see, my uterus has been both a negative and positive force in my life. With the negative being it's most dominant trait. It's no wonder then, after the doctors evaluation I felt no sadness. His conclusion and solution of the matter was to have a partial hysterectomy. A little snip, clip, and pull and it will be no more. How do I feel? ...hallelujah! Hit the road jack! Buh-bye and sianara! Each day on recovery is another celebration, which is even easier to do when I have a bottle full of percocet. I'm never tardy for the party!

Goodbye, dear uterus. Breaking up is so hard to do...NOT!

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